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12 Sober Activities to Keep You Busy

02 October 2017

Keep yourself occupied with sober activities.  There are plenty of ways to enjoy your life being sober!  We have compiled a list below of just 12 ideas, but the list could continue on and on.

  • 1. Volunteering

    Volunteering is a great way to help other people and at the same time help yourself. You can volunteer at a retirement home just by sitting and spending time with the elderly.  If people are not your strong point, animal shelters are always looking for people to walk dogs or just socialize with the animals.  Fostering an animal is also a lot of fun and easy to do!  Maybe you would like to help out in other ways; volunteers are always needed in all aspects of the community

  •  2. Gardening

    Growing a garden is a rewarding activity that you can start!  Whether you grow flowers or vegetables or even herbs; the outcome is gratifying.  You can use what you grow to cook dinner or enjoy watching the butterflies and bees flying around the flowers.

  •  3. Cooking or Baking

    Try a recipe you’ve always wanted to attempt. Bake some cookies for your neighbors.  Food is a yummy way to occupy yourself and share with others!

  • 4. Decorating

    Spend time rearranging your furniture or decorating.  Brightening up your living space is a wonderful positive activity! Small changes can make a difference.

  • 5. DIY (Do It Yourself)

    Get on Pinterest and find some DIY activities.  You never know what interesting crafts you can find. You may end up with a new hobby!

  • 6. Education

    Is there a subject you have always wanted to learn? Trying taking up an online course and further your education.  You can even sometimes find free classes at community center if doing a class online is not your cup of tea.

  • 7. Learn a new language

    With so many languages to choose from, the process of learning a new language is well worth it!  Emerge yourself into the culture of other countries.

  • 8. Thrift shopping

    Thrift store shopping can be very entertaining.  You never know what you can find at very low prices. Going around different neighborhoods in search of yard sales can keep you busy for hours.

  • 9. Painting

    If you find painting to be relaxing, why not grab some paint and a canvas and get to painting!  You don’t have to be an artist to release your creativity.

  • 10. Hiking

    Depending on where you live, a nice hiking path shouldn’t be too far away.  There is nothing quite like exploring the wilderness and enjoying the beautiful scenery.  If finding a hiking spot is too difficult, a nice walking track is always an option.

  • 11. Biking

    Hop on your bike and take a ride! You’ll feel better with exercise and appreciate the breeze in your face.

  • 12. Yoga

    Yoga is a unique way to relieve stress and tension as well as keep your body active and healthy.  Join a yoga class at your local gym or watch videos at home and teach yourself!


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