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Resetting the Default of An Addict: Talbot House

15 May 2017

You’ve heard the story again and again. Addiction, treatment, recovery, slip-up, addiction, treatment, recovery, slip-up…more addiction…

It can be a vicious cycle. If you are an addict or are trying to find help for a recovering addict, then finding the right treatment option can determine if the cycle of addiction is overcome.

Both inpatient and outpatient treatment options can put an addict on the road to success, but staying successful after treatment can be the most difficult part. For a true addict, failure is more of a default, and they know everyone expects them to slip-up and fail. Too many memories, let-downs, and guilt-ridden past events make recovery more of a waiting game until the next slip-up occurs.

How do you reset the default of an addict? The right recovery plan can be the difference between true recovery or expected failure. The problem is that recovery plans are different for every addict.

One focus of Talbot House Sober Living for Women is the lifelong recovery and support needed by the individual addict. Breaking the cycle through empowerment, personal growth, and a supportive sisterhood with a common goal of continued sobriety can make all the difference.

Addicts need to see their lives out of the “default” mode of addiction and abuse. Change can happen; lifelong addiction recovery is possible.

If you or someone you know needs addiction support, please call 662-255-7533 or send us a message at

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