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Find Your Support for Sobriety During the Holidays

12 December 2017

The holiday season evokes a flood of emotions for many people.  Many find the holidays to be a time of joy and family, while others are dreading the approaching celebrations.  When you are struggling with sobriety, the urge to drink may be creeping back into your mind.

Avoid situations where you know there will be temptations to drink alcohol.  You may think you can keep yourself from participating in drinking or other dangerous addictions, but it is best to just evade the situation altogether.  Instead, spend your time surrounded by family and friends that are supportive of your recovery and would never put you in an uncomfortable setting.  They will not pressure you if they care about you!  There are plenty of alcohol-free activities like playing board games, enjoying Christmas lights and décor throughout the neighborhoods, baking cookies and other fun treats or watching a movie with some hot cocoa and popcorn.

If you start to feel depressed or unhappy, take a second to write down what you are thankful for in your life.  When you focus on the positive things going on, you will feel less burdened by the negative.  We have so much to be grateful for and often overlook it due to the unpleasant circumstances trying to pull you down and discourage you.

You may even try focusing on others during the holiday instead of yourself. This will give you somewhere to place your thoughts and keep from going down the wrong path or falling to your temptation.   Volunteering during Christmas at a retirement home or soup kitchen are just two ways to help others.  Most importantly, remember the real reason for Christmas. Do not let the stress overwhelm you so much that you forget. If you are struggling with your addiction, never feel ashamed to ask for help. 

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years.

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