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Growth and Recovery

30 April 2018

If you are in recovery, you know that staying busy with sober activities is crucial.  Do not even give yourself an opportunity to start turning back to your addiction.  With the beautiful weather appearing and the option of staying outside longer, gardening is a wonderful hobby that we certainly recommend!   Think of the growth of your garden like the growth you have witnessed through your recovery journey.

Talbot House has a garden for the ladies to work in and learn more about gardening.  They grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers. It is relaxing to be able to sit back and enjoy the hard work you put into the garden. Start out with something small if you are new to gardening. 

We have researched and found the most recommended plants for beginners! According to, lettuce, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, beans, radish, summer squash, rhubarb, chives, basil, and thyme are just a few edible plants that are fairly low maintenance and easy to grow! As far as easy to grow flowers, says they consist of sunflowers, sweet peas, nigella, aquilegia, California poppy, nasturtiums, marigold, hardy geranium, fuchsia, and pansy. 

You may think that fruits are too hard to grow as a first-time gardener, but there are some fairly simple to grow plants! has a top ten list for fruit trees and plants as well that lists strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, figs, gooseberries, apples, blackberries, honeyberries, goji berries, and currants.  We will attach links to these sources so you can learn more about the best way to go about planting and harvesting your garden!


Top 10 Easy to Grow Fruit Trees and Plants:


Top 10 Easy to Grow Flowers


10 Easy Edible Plants


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