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How Much Does A Sober Living Home Cost?

26 January 2018

After a rehabilitation program, living in a sober living home is highly recommended.  Many people are in need of a sober living environment in order to free themselves of addiction. One of the frequently asked questions is of course “how much does sober living cost?”.

The cost of sober living varies so much from state to state - and town to town. The simplest form of sober living would be an Oxford House where a group of sober people share expenses (rent, utilities, etc.) and hold each other accountable. The costs of that are determined by how much the expenses are and how many people are living in the home - many times as little as $100 or $125 a week. 

More extravagant sober living options are available as well. Luxury homes with pools and private rooms, maid service, and even chefs can cost upwards of $2000 or more a month. 

The two examples above generally only provide housing. 

Then you have sober living - recovery residences - that implement some services and activities along with housing. Having a counselor on site or offering yoga classes can bump the costs up even more. A friend of mine worked in a structured sober living in North Carolina that charged its residents $2,600 a month for a full gamut of services in addition to housing. 

Talbot House is the best of both worlds. We offer affordable luxury WITH some services for only $500 a month. We provide our residents with transportation, job training, yoga, access to classes that address anger management, budgeting and parenting skills, as well as, a structured program to assist our residents in building a solid foundation of recovery. We even have the Talbot House Bakery where residents have the opportunity to work and obtain job skills through the training there. 

Basically, costs for sober living are all over the place and are determined by the quality of the home and if services are provided. 

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