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Love and Recovery

13 February 2018

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love.  We show love for all sorts of people in our lives; significant others, children, family members, friends, etc.  When it comes to recovery, we can think of how love affected the journey to sobriety.  Some people decided to choose sobriety because of these loved ones, while some may have chosen sobriety because they realized the importance of loving oneself enough to step away from destruction.

Those of you that are still struggling to stop these damaging habits, we want you to know that this week you can make a change instead of spiraling back into addiction.  If you are depressed because you do not have a “special someone” to spend the holiday with, you may not realize that it does not have to be about a “significant other”. Instead, have a “Galantines” day and go out with your closest girlfriends!  Or you can choose to spend time appreciating a family member. Do not let this become a reason to drink or do drugs.

If you aren’t personally struggling with addiction, but know of someone who is in the stages of recovery, take time to be with that person.  Make plans with them if even just for a short time. You could brighten their day or even week.  A small act of kindness could help them emotionally in ways you may not realize. Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be about a romantic kind of love.  Love could be the way we love someone unconditionally. 

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