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Meet the Director of Talbot House, Becky Weatherford

14 June 2017

Becky Weatherford is a lifelong Tupeloian who has dedicated herself to the treatment and recovery of women addicts. In October 2015, Becky began Talbot House in the Tupelo area after working in treatment centers for a number of years. Women completing the treatment program had no transitional place to go after leaving the treatment facility, and Becky wanted to offer them a place to recover in a safe, stable, and supportive living environment.

The Talbot House is very near and dear to Becky’s heart. She herself has battled with addiction in the past and feels led to aid individuals struggling with addiction find recovery and life-long sobriety. Through her time working with women in treatment and as the director of Talbot House, Becky has touched the lives of countless individuals.

In her free time, Becky loves to travel and spend time with her children. She also loves to spend time with the Talbot House dog, Charles, and the two house cats, Lena and Mr. Kitty.

Becky’s inviting and welcoming nature is evident when she flashes her big smile. She naturally makes everyone feel a part of her family through her love and support.

If you know a recovering addict who would benefit from a supportive living environment, please call Becky at Talbot House for more information at 662-255-7533.


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