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New Year Sober Journey

27 December 2017

“Happiness is a CHOICE.  You are the ONLY PERSON who can make YOU happy.  You’re as happy as you choose to be. “- Rick Warren

If you haven’t started the journey to sobriety, make it your goal before 2018.  Waiting until the day of New Years for your sobriety is risky.  Start before to avoid the temptations of New Year’s Eve parties and celebrations.  Supportive friends and family will understand and should not pressure you.  In fact, keep away from any party where alcohol will be present.  Even if you think you can keep yourself from having alcohol, you may cave in if it is easily accessible to you.  Just choose to stay away from your addiction altogether.

Your new year can be filled with wonderful memories of sober living. However, if you have a serious addiction, you may need to receive advice from your doctor and enroll in a rehab program.  A sober living home like Talbot House is also beneficial for someone trying to stay sober after they have gone through substance abuse treatment programs.

Finding support groups can make a difference.  Do whatever it takes to help with your withdrawal symptoms whether it is a support group like Alcoholics Anonymous or a sober living home where you are surrounded by supportive people going through the same thing.   Empower yourself and do what is best for your family. Let 2018 be the year you start your journey to sobriety and your journey to happiness.

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