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Sober Living FAQS

25 May 2017

Why should I stay at a sober living home like Talbot House?

For some addicts, a sober living home like Talbot House can enhance recovery success after an addiction treatment program. Returning home to family, friends, responsibilities, and temptations can be difficult. A sober living home can help you take it slow and complete needed milestones in a way that heals the whole self.


Who can benefit from sober living at Talbot House?

Talbot House is a sober living home for women transitioning from substance abuse treatment programs back into society. Any women coming from an inpatient, outpatient, or drug treatment center can benefit from the safe, stable, and supportive living environment offered by Talbot House.


Will I receive drug addiction treatment daily at Talbot House?

At Talbot House, you will receive peer to peer support, encouragement, a stable, safe living environment, and time to heal. Our focus at Talbot House is the whole individual….health, body, and soul.


We work to…...

♦ build a sisterhood of support

♦ empower recovering addicts

♦ enhance personal growth

♦ access to outside skill and job training

♦ work towards a common goal


What rules should I be expected to follow at Talbot House?

Talbot House sets limits in order to keep everyone safe, physically and emotionally, but also to keep everyone on the right path. People make mistakes, people fall short….each individual will be tested to their limits. At Talbot House, lifelong sobriety and happiness is the end goal, so everyone has different limits and goals as they progress through their time at Talbot House.


How do I get into a sober living home like Talbot House?

To apply for residency at Talbot House, you can visit our website at or contact us at 662-255-7533.



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