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Set Recovery Goals

28 May 2018

Setting goals while in recovery and getting sober can make a huge difference.  Use the SMART Goals acronym.  Create specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals.   You can make goals that are short-term and some that long-term.  Short term goals are typically around a month, while long-term goals can be a year or more. Going to an alcohol treatment center or addiction treatment center may be your first step.

Get rid of what triggers you and causes you to go back to your addiction so that you can cut it out of your life.  Do not leave any bottles or drug-related items in your home.  Avoid places and people who recreate these triggers. Stay out of negative environments.  Stay in positive environments as much as possible. You may even need to make a goal to move out of wherever you are living.  These can all be short-term goals to give you a new arrangement.

There may be areas of your life that contributed to your addiction. Once you identify those problem areas, you can start changing them. For example, if you are working in an unhealthy environment, make a goal to find a new job. Work on your resume and start searching as soon as possible. Search for an achievable job.

We always bring this up because it is so crucial: support and accountability.  Achieving a long-term goal of continued sobriety is a thousand times more difficult if you do not surround yourself with supportive people who will hold you accountable.  Maybe you don’t click with people and it is hard to open up.  Make that a goal!  Go to an alcoholic anonymous or narcotics anonymous meeting where others are struggling and open yourself up a little each time.  You don’t have to even say anything.  Just soak up the people and stories around you at first while you build up to sharing.  You can even try calling an addiction hotline number.

Let’s say that after rehab you plan to live at a sober living home for a set amount of time.   You can create more goals while you are there.  You could have goals like mending a relationship with someone, searching for a new job, and finding new hobbies.   Remember some goals take more time than others so do not be discouraged.


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