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Sober Living Home Vs. Halfway House

15 March 2018

What is the difference between a sober living home and a halfway house?  While they have some slight differences, the term can be used interchangeably depending on the facility.

A sober living home focuses on drug and alcohol addiction.  The people who stay here are in need of a supportive environment where they can stay sober.  Putting someone who just went through rehab right back into the world of temptation can often be a risky move.   Going back to the same places and situations is counterproductive as far as recovery is concerned. Sober living allows them to be independent, while also encouraging and enforcing the sober lifestyle with others going through the same obstacles.

A halfway house is also for those suffering from substance abuse, but they also can house people with mental health issues and those recently released from prison. Each halfway house is different and specializes in each different circumstance.  Some halfway houses often put a limit on how long people are able to stay there.  A maximum of 12 months is a normal limit. Some halfway houses may have government funding.  Like a sober living home, a halfway house also focuses on a supportive environment.



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