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17 April 2017

Sober living homes, like Talbot House, are the ideal environment for people trying to transition to independent living after leaving a substance abuse treatment facility. Sober living homes can help recovering addicts stay committed to their goal through personal growth and support that isn’t always easily available once they leave a treatment program.

Talbot House is a sober living home exclusively for women looking for empowerment, success, and stability in order to transition back into society. It’s not always easy for a recovering addict to step back into their previous life without help and guidance. A sober living home can provide a group atmosphere of love and support from other recovering addicts who all have a common goal of sobriety.

Residents residing in a sober living home must follow certain rules and contribute to the household, but they receive ample support and guidance leading them to lifelong recovery. Sober living homes aren’t mandatory, so residents are able to meet like-minded individuals who suffer from similar substance abuse issues and gain support from each other in their shared mission.

Talbot House works with its residents in order for them to gain life skills and secure employment. Individual and shared commitment to an addiction-free life helps residents feel positive about their time and investment in a sober living home like Talbot House.

We wish you continued success on your journey to sober living!

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