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Sober Living In the South

07 July 2017

            The journey to sobriety isn’t easy anywhere, but sober living in the beautiful South can be well worth the long road ahead. The bad habits that have turned many addicts into lifetime abusers are hard to escape. For a drug or alcohol addict, what better way to enjoy the sights, sounds, and gorgeous Southern landscapes than sobriety?

            Nestled deep in thick pines, the serene and cozy sober living home, Talbot House, is a relaxing place to dedicate your energy and whole self into continued sobriety. Sober living homes can help addicts transition from a substance treatment program back into society through a community of support and stability.

            Getting sober provides mental clarity, energy, happiness, and a chance at a new more fulfilling life. Talbot House residents live as a family while working towards the common goal of continued sobriety and freedom from addiction.

            Don’t wait to enjoy life, get sober! Stay sober! Call Talbot House for more information about Sober Living in the South at 662-255-7533, or email Becky at

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