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Talbot House: A True Recovery Residence

21 July 2017

        Talbot House, a sober living home for women, is located in a serene corner of Lee County, Mississippi. Dotted with pine trees and beautiful flowers, Talbot House is the essence of a true recovery residence. Each resident is important to the success and recovery of the Talbot House family.

        Our peaceful, relaxing home provides a safe, supportive living environment for women transitioning from a treatment program to independent sober living. Women living in the home work individually and as a family to achieve a life of sobriety through the development of a system of support. Living at Talbot House is a step towards a life of sobriety and healing.

        Unlike other sober living homes, Talbot House is geared specifically to the recovery and support of its women residents. The Talbot House boasts a beautiful sitting porch and all the comforts of home. Recover your body, mind, and soul with help from Talbot House.

Call us (662)-255-7533.

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