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Thankful for Recovery

22 November 2017

   This Thanksgiving be grateful for your sobriety.  Sit back and think about how things have changed during your recovery and reflect on the wonderful transformation that has occurred.   Getting to the point of sobriety can be difficult, but you are here now!  Even if you are still on the path to recovery, think about how far you have come.  Rejoice in the smallest victories and be grateful for each step in the right direction.

    You can spend your holiday without depending on alcohol.  Stay positive and enjoy the company of your loved ones.  If someone has been instrumental in your journey to recovery, send them a thank you letter or simply thank them in person.  Recognize the people who helped you get to where you are today.

    Take a minute and write your own list of why you are thankful for your sobriety.  Keep this list somewhere that you can see it daily to remind yourself to stay sober.  You can find encouragement in the smallest actions. Tell yourself that today you are thankful for RECOVERY.

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