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What is it Like Living Sober?

18 June 2018

Adjusting to a sober lifestyle for an addict can be a scary transition. Of course, everyone’s sober journey is unique to them. Whatever we had been addicted to was a crutch and as soon as we get rid of that crutch, we have to face reality. Those who look at this as a negative experience are missing the very point of sobriety. Sobriety is positive; Reality is freedom. There will not be rainbows, butterflies, and happiness every second; however, the outcome of recovery is beautiful!

 “Don’t let your struggle become your identity.” Think of your life like a whiteboard. We may choose to draw a path that is not what is best for us, but we can erase it and start over!  We made mistakes, but now we are brave enough to say that enough is enough.

Sobriety means remembering the next day, forgiving ourselves and others, feeling healthy, living life to its fullest, do I need to go on?  You may give reasons why you drink or do drugs, but there are many reasons why you should stop!  You will feel better and you will even look better. And guess what? You will have more energy and time to do things that make you happy! Save the money that you normally would have used on your addiction.  

You can now improve and build relationships with supportive people and quit hanging around people who couldn’t care less about your future.  Start finding the people that support your sober lifestyle, and you will have a treasure! 

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