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What Should I Do After Rehab?

28 February 2018

When you are going through recovery, the last thing you should do is surround yourself with the wrong kind of people. You wouldn’t expose yourself purposely to someone with the flu thinking you wouldn’t be able to catch it.  Why would it be okay to hang around people who are drinking or doing drugs?  You may think you can handle it and keep yourself from relapsing, but it is much harder when you are actually in the situation again.


If you are just completing a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, a sober living home would be a beneficial choice. You may not be ready to go out into the world independently with your newly found sobriety.  That is okay!  Recovery takes time and there is no shame in that at all! Think of yourself as a suspension bridge.  You need the support of all the beams and cables to keep yourself strong.  That is why positive support of people around you is so important!


When you decide to go to a sober living home, you are surrounding yourself with others who are going through the same obstacles. They can lift you up and encourage you to keep up with your sober lifestyle. Talbot House is for women only located in Tupelo ,MS, but you can find sober living homes for each gender and location. Research the best fit for your needs as this is a serious turning point and you need to make a decision that is right for you. There are many programs you can enroll in like AA, NA, Celebrate Recovery, and Thrive Recovery that further surround you with the right encouragement.


Most importantly, you should be proud of what you have accomplished.  You are making a new future for yourself. Sober homes often offer access to employment opportunities and some even have job training. Talbot House is known for our Talbot House Bakery where the ladies are able to learn marketable job skills that can be used in their future. Consider sober living today!  




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