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Why Should I Stay at a Sober Living Home Like Talbot House?

24 August 2017

     For some addicts, a sober living home like Talbot House can enhance recovery success after an addiction treatment program.  Returning home to family, friends, responsibilities, and temptations can be difficult.  A sober living home can help you take it slow and complete needed milestones in a way that heals the whole self because recovery happens in community.

     Talbot House is located in a peaceful wooded area to provide a calming experience.  You must be able to stay sober to reside in a sober living home; therefore, it encourages you to keep up with your sobriety while surrounded by others going through similar challenges.  It may be tough, but you will have a strong support system while at Talbot House.   The friendships that you build will boost your confidence and help you to refrain from addiction. The success of the women at the house is motivation for all who live there!

     Sober living can be hard to achieve if you feel a sense of loneliness.  People struggling with addiction may feel trapped or in a reoccurring cycle, but with the right goals and supports in place, maintaining sobriety isn’t such a far reach anymore. We work to build a sisterhood of support, empower recovering addicts, enhance personal growth, access to outside skill and job training, and work towards a common goal.  If you are feeling stuck and defeated, Talbot House Sober Living is here to get you through it! So instead of saying “why should I?”, you should be thinking “why not?” You will only improve yourself!  Remember that recovery happens in community!

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